Late Night Deep House Chords Round-Up

Some years ago Twolegs Toneworks launched a series of soundsets called the Late Night Deep House Chords. This collection of 50 original chord samples are taken from this series – and also this collection will replace the current Volume 2 for Native Instruments Kontakt and the Ableton Live Pack (Vol. 1-3). 

The chords chosen to represent this round-up are centered around a minor 7th with an added 9 and a major 7th with an added 13. There’s also a few samples using a minor 7th with an added 11. The used voicings can differ.

The samplepack is exclusively available from our Bandcamp site where you’re able to purchase the whole pack or just individual samples. We like this completely transparent approach, where you can listen to everything before you make a purchase. We hope you like it too!

Price: €9.95 + VAT where applicable.


Link to product-page on Bandcamp: