THS-1 Revisited


‘THS-1 Revisited’ is your one-stop-shop for signature SID sounds from the legendary Commodore 64 SID chip, created in the SID emulation VSTi synthesizer, “QuadraSID” from ReFX. Originally released in 2007, the pack has been revisited by the author himself, Torben Hansen aka Metal/Vibrants, and brought up-to-date with several new sounds and added features.

The ‘THS-1 Revisited’ soundset now also contains a complete Galway Noise kit for those wicked special percussive sounds! You’ll find plenty of bass, arpeggio chords, leads, effects, drums – just about everything you need to make your next Chiptune track or to add some retro flavour to your modern-day hit track.


FXB-file (load inside QuadraSID)

Product Details:

• 144 presets
• Bonus: A free copy of the original THS-1 soundset (fxb-format) as released in 2007


ReFX QuadraSID (not included)

Discontinued – NOW FREEWARE



Demo (made by Torben Hansen):


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