Twolegs Toneworks provide professional quality patch and sample packs for users of VSTi synths and samplers. Twolegs Toneworks mainly cover electronic musical genres such as House, Ambient, IDM, Electro, Drum’n’Bass, Hip Hop and Techno.

Twolegs Toneworks has more than 20 years of experience programming synthetic sounds using computers and synthesizer hardware. They have also provided factory sounddesign services for several software synthesizer developers.

Choosing a product from Twolegs Toneworks will guarantee a quality product with thoroughly programmed sounds ready to use in your next track.

Twolegs Toneworks products are also available on several distribution-sites around the internet.

Twolegs Toneworks is Torben Hansen, sounddesigner/producer from Denmark. Reaching back into the late 1980’s Torben has a past history in the demo- and tracker-scene from the Commodore 64, Amiga and early PC tracker days. Perhaps better known under the nickname “Metal” and for being part of the Vibrants collective.

Twolegs Toneworks has delivered sounddesign for these products:

  • Tone2 RayBlaster 2 factory library
  • PluginBoutique VirtualCZ Casiology soundbank, 64 patches
  • Gospelmusicians Bassalicious, 32 patches
  • Gospelmusicians MonoFonik add-on library, 100 patches
  • Gospelmusicians TGX-85 factory library, 128 patches
  • Gospelmusicians Pure Synth Platinum factory library, 64 patches
  • Tone2 Saurus Synth Legends expansion-pack
  • Tone2 Nemesis factory and expansion-packs
  • Tone2 ElectraX Chiptunes expansion-pack
  • D16-Group LuSH-101 factory library
  • Hypersynth SIDizer factory library
  • Sonic Charge Synplant factory library
  • Camel Audio Alchemy factory library
  • Tone2 Gladiator factory library
  • Key2Sound NexSyn Pro-Sounds soundpack (128 presets)
  • Wusikstation (Wusikstation Magazine issue 9)
  • U-he’s Filterscape (free soundset)
  • ConcreteFX Vectrik factory library

All sounds created by Twolegs Toneworks has the “TH” suffix as signature.

As a musician Torben has made these commercial releases, available on Beatport, iTunes aso. Torben has releases made under his own name (mixed genres), as Twolegs (funky/soulful deep house), and as Geometriae (dubtechno/techno):

  • Twolegs – What You Want – Faderz Records, 2017
  • Aschella – Une Belle Rencontre (Geometriae Remix) – Tehnofonika Records, 2017
  • Geometriae – Mountain Bliss – Echogarden, 2016
  • Twolegs – Solitude – Faderz Records, 2015
  • Toby Amos Ft. Ijeoma – Night And Day (Twolegs Remix) – Faderz Records, 2015
  • Brian Berg & Sam Simmon Ft. Anne Kerstine – Bye Bye Bird (Twolegs Remix) – Faderz Records, 2015
  • ReUnited – Cloud 9 (Twolegs Remix) – Lifted House, 2015
  • Unique Groove – Right On Time ft. Meshach Broderick (Twolegs Remix) – Lifted House, 2014
  • Twolegs – Take It Back EP – Faderz Records/Lifted House, 2014
  • Ear Funk – Getaway (Twolegs Remix) – Lifted House, 2014
  • Geometriae – Subtransformer EP – Copenhagen Undersound Records, 2012
  • Jeffrey – Dans For Mig (Twolegs Remix) – Artpeople 2011
  • Johnny Deluxe – Vild Med Din Veninde (Twolegs Remix) – Black Pelican/Sony 2011
  • Torben Hansen – Advanced EP – Olympik Records 2009

And tracks are featured on these compilations:

  • Aschella – Une Belle Rencontre Remixes (Tehnofonika Records) 2017 (CD)
  • Echogarden Compilation #3 (Echogarden) 2016 (CD)
  • Dope47 Vol. 1 (Faderz Records) 2015
  • Deep and Soulful House (Reverb Records) 2014
  • Remixes Part 16 – (disco:wav) 2014
  • Tales of Dub and Techno Vol. 5 (Complex Textures) 2014
  • Le Beat Technique Vol. 6 (Gastspiel Records) 2013
  • Le Beat Technique Vol. 5 (Gastspiel Records) 2013
  • Afterhour Techno Stories Vol. 7 (Wasabi Recordings) 2013
  • Tales of Dub and Techno Vol. 1 (Complex Textures) 2013

Check out the Soundcloud page for further details.

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